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NOTE:Yahoo and HotMail Services are often unreliable.

NOTE:Yahoo and HotMail Services are often unreliable.

It sometimes takes hours or even up to 4 days to get a confirmation email through to "free email" accounts.

If you do not get one in 5 minutes, resubmit on the previous page and enter a non yahoo or hotmail email that you use frequently.

Here's how to whitelist your important emails for some of the most popular e-mail providers:


Here's how to add me to your Yahoo whitelist:

1. Open your Yahoo mailbox
2. Click "Mail Options"
3. Click "Filters"
4. Next, click "Add Filter"
5. In the top row, labeled "From Header:" make sure "contains" is selected.
6. Click in the text box next to that drop-down menu, and enter the address in the "From" line of our e-mail message (Please select the e-mail address from the list provided)
7. At the bottom, where it says "Move the message to:" select "Inbox" from the menu.
8. Click the "Add Filter" button again.

AOL Mail

If you're using AOL, here's how to receive my e-mails:

1. Go to "Mail Controls"
2. Select the screen name we're sending your e-mail to
3. Click "Customize Mail Controls For This Screenname."

For AOL version 7.0: In the section for "exclusion and inclusion parameters", include this domain:

For AOL version 8.0: Select "Allow e-mail from all AOL members, e-mail addresses and domains. Then

1. Click "Next" until the Save button shows up at the bottom
2. Click "Save."

MSN Hotmail

To receive my emails with Hotmail, please follow these steps if you're having trouble:

1. Click the "Options" tab
2. Under "Mail Handling" select "Safe List"
3. In the space provided, enter the address in the "From" line of my e-mail
4. Click "Add"
5. When you see the address you entered in the Safe List box, click "OK.